Is there some sushi that can be consumed... ?!

Question: Is there some sushi that can be consumed... ?
While pregnant? I've heard that if it has been cooked that it is ok, it is just things that are undercooked or raw that are a no-no.

I will (guiltily) admit I had some sushi tonight, but it was a kind that had beef in it. I dissected one of the rolls and sure enough there was no pink in it, but they are served cold. I'm kind of confused. Cravings are a ridiculously powerful thing =(


Well it's just that it's best to avoid it.. but chances are, once in a blue moon consumption in moderate amounts is probably ok.. but it's all up to you. if you're super paranoid like my husband then just wait till after.. better safe than sorry right?
Restaurants probably have strict standards with the storage and quality of sushi fish however.

I think I had sushi about twice so far since my pregnancy.. I had a few pieces of nigiri but mostly the rolls with completely cooked fish in em. I would stay away from sushi altogether in the warmer seasons tho.

Never consume large, longer living fish such as sharks, sea bass, king mackerel..etc.. cooked or not. and cook your red meats thoroughly..

Many of the kinds of fish used in sushi contains trace elements of mercury and this is fine for a normal person (though your average person isn't supposed to have it more than 3 times a week) but for pregnant women, raw fish sushi is completely off limits and most pregnant women have to limit even the cooked fish they eat for the same reason. (A co worker's OB/GYN told her not to have more than 8 ounces of canned tuna per week for example)

The word sushi literally translates to "with rice" and anything on top of rice can be sushi. I've seen chicken sushi, Guy Fieri's restaurant has barbecue sushi, there is vegetarian sushi and even fruit sushi so if you get your sushi from a place where it's made to order, you can ask the sushi chef to make sushi for you out of any cooked item on the menu.

Vegetable sushi or bacon sushi should be fine. Sushi is the seasoned rice. Sashimi is raw seafood.

Try the shrimp and calif roll(fake crab). Both are cooked.

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