What are some math foods?!

Question: What are some math foods?
So I was wondering if there are any foods that have math involved? Like for astronomy it would be like moon pies or starbursts...

Any ideas?

Btw I am throwing a welcome back party for my math teacher and we need foods if your wondering why?



square root-beer

sum-mores (s'mores)

Premium PLUS crackers
* Geometry – shapes – spherical oranges, circles of salami, squares of cheese, cubes of cheese
* Arranging patterns on the plate- alternating tomatoes and onions on a platter for a party
* Using cookie cutters to make shapes – which shapes tessellate?
* Counting everything –jellybeans, carrots, forks, peas


One reason cooks don't like to bake is that baking requires strict ratios. For example if you want to bake pastry and you get the ratios of water to flour to fat wrong it won't work. If you are baking a custard and don't have the ratio of egg yolks to liquid right it won't work.

Of course you could make π !



Tic tacs

Penny Chews

Hundred Grand




QUattro ( the drink)

HUndreds and Thousands

Pi r squared.


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