What exactly is a continental breakfast?!

Question: What exactly is a continental breakfast?

if its at a hotel its basically a breakfast thats comes with a whole bunch of stuff (muffins yogurt orange juice coffee etc..) im pretty sure its free or comes with your stay :) hope that helpss

best western (:

If you are referring to a continental breakfast at a hotel or motel, it depends on where you go. I have been to some that offer as little as donuts, coffee and toast and others that have cereal, milk, juice, fruit, toast, bagels, pastries etc.

If a place offers Continental breakfast, they mean a beverage (usually coffee with milk or cream) maybe
tea or hot chocolate, fresh bread or rolls, jam or jelly and maybe a danish.

It varies widely but generally it is a cold breakfast with toast , bread or pastries & jams , fruit , cold meats & cheeses.

In England & most places, it's bread (or muffins or toast), butter, jam, eggs, OJ, tea &/or coffee

Coffee , juice, cold cereal and toast?

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