what is ur fav dessert. best answer= 5 stars?!

Question: What is ur fav dessert. best answer= 5 stars?
Mine is blueberry pie wit wip cream


homemade apple crumble served warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream...so good

I'm glad someone finally asked this question.
And this is the answer.

Hash brownies with 2 scoops of vanilla or strawberry cheese ice cream.
So delicious because the vanilla ice cream breaks the thickness of the brownies and makes it all nice and soft, and the sweetness of the brownies breaks the weird taste of the leaves and last but not least, it leaves you relaxed for about an hour. Just what you need after a nice meal.

Hope this helps :P

a warm brownie with warm melted chocolate that slowly pours out when you cut the brownie.With a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Yuummmmmyy .x

a really nice experience .x

Cassata :) a delicious creamy ricotta based desert full of candied peel chocolate and marsarla soaked sponge fingers mmmmmmmm with a nice strong coffee

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream or Strawberry Cheesecake or Ice cream Sundae

Hot apple pie with vanilla ice-cream! Or for a simpler night, Ice-cream with Ovaltine and Cool Whip on it! Yummm! :)

Mine is blueberry cheesecake!

cheesecake with caramel :))

Oreo Mud pie!!!

Apple pie with crumb topping..

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