difference between grated cheese and shredded cheese?!

Question: Difference between grated cheese and shredded cheese?
what is the difference between grated cheese and shredded cheese.

3 cups italian fontina, shredded

1 cup parmesan, grated

until i seen the different words (grated and shredded) i didnt know there was a difference, which part of the cheese grater do i use for each???? 10 points best answer


Grated is finer than shredded. Shredded looks like thin strips, grated is more of a powdery consistency and is usually done with harder cheeses like Parmesan.


There really isn't much difference - how fine you want it depends on what you are making but it is to you taste so try each section of the grater and see which you like the best.

In the case of paremesan cheese, grated is almost a powdery consistancy

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