is indian food good for a cold?!

Question: Is indian food good for a cold?

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Not particularly...but it sure can clear the sinuses.

Yup. Ginger tea is good for sore throats, and the spices make it go away faster. Tumeric prevents alzeimers and is good for colds. Tulsi (don't know what it is in English but that's how its pronounced) is medicinal too. Garlic paste is used in alot of things and is good for your health =)

Probably, but would depend on the particular dish or food:

...chile peppers --fresh, cooked or powdered (capsaicin) help open the sinuses
...veggies are all good ...chicken and fish are good
...various kinds of broths could be good if not much appetite, or with rice

If it's really spicy.

some not all

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