Yuca frita with dipping sauce?!

Question: Yuca frita with dipping sauce?
I went to a Colombian restaurant and ordered yuca frita. They served it with a dipping sauce, but I don't know what it was. It was a yellowish sauce kind of like honey mustard, but it wasn't that. Does anybody know of any traditional Colombian sauces that are yellow and would be served with yuca frita to dip in? Does anybody have the recipe for the sauce or a similar sauce? Thank you


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It was possibly some kind of aioli, as those are commonly served with fritas, especially in nicer restaurants. They can be flavored in endless ways, so it will be hard to determine what the flavoring was, but since you thought it was like honey mustard, it could have been a honey aioli.

I have also seen fried yucca served with a pepper aioli (either habanero, aji or serrano).

yuca frita with sauce is too much, i like it with salt and lime. or aji.

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