Muslim Pork Question o.O?!

Question: Muslim Pork Question o.O?
Ok what is that product called that they use in like ice cream, cocoa puffs, chocolate; stuff like that? It's like pig skin or something, and I'm not allowed to have it, so does anyone know what that product is called...?


Gelatin. Stay away from gelatin and other haram ingredients, Here is a list of


In ice cream products it would not be gelatin that your looking for but rather "whey". Whey is a bi-product which may or may not be from pigs, therefore as a muslim you should stay away from it. Also look for whey in cheese. If you can not find any ice-cream without whey just make your own ice-cream at home. It tastes great and you have an endless supply right at home after a bit of work of course.

gelatin, however there are other products which are also a setting agent which are perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans, one of which is agar agar

Gelatin, I would advice to stick to cooking your own food if you can as this will save any complications at a later date.

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