Is it dangerous to sniff Wasabi powder?!

Question: Is it dangerous to sniff Wasabi powder?
if i take like 1 gram of wasabi powder, lay it down on a mirror and sniff it with a 100 dollar bill could i get in trouble?


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I'm going to say uhmmm... yes.

Legally I'm sure it's not an issue but I have to ask...

WHY would you want to?

(I would almost pay you $100 just to watch you do it, but I'm not that cruel.)

Listen, when you eat it, the vapors go up your nose and cause a nasal head rush that hurts like hell. It subsides in about 30 seconds. If you take it directly into your nasal passages dry, its not going to rinse out easily and will hurt like hell for much longer, maybe bettrer part of an hour. Youll probably burn up the tissue and have some after affects for a couple of days. It will affect your ability to taste as well, since you need to have air circulating to carry flavors.

Good luck with that, we'll be watching for it on youtube. The part where you cry like a little girl, and your friends run out and leave you and mommy has to call the paramedics will be awsome.

If you sniff anything that isn't oxygen, it's dangerous.

not sure who you would get into trouble with, but your nasal passages are going to hate you.

sniffing coke is dangerous too but people still do it so why not since you only live once.Please do tell what happens next though

it will burn your nose

Well, I wouldn't advise it... I don't think you'd get in trouble, other than just for being stupid.

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