I am looking for the name of a Hungarian/Eastern European cookie/pastry made with puff pastry?!

Question: I am looking for the name of a Hungarian/Eastern European cookie/pastry made with puff pastry?
The puff pastry is cut into squares and apricot or lekvar are put in the middle. When they are done cooking you dust them with powdered sugar. My family is Hungarian but I am not sure it is from Hungary. My family calls it krafli (don't know how to spell that). I have seen it at http://www.dobosdelights.com/hungarian.h… and they call it fluffo (which I thought was marshmallow fluff) and then in parenthesis they also have Hayas as a name. I can't find a recipe for any of those names. I have no idea what it is called. Can someone help?


"Hayas" is an English transcription of "hájas tészta".

"Hájas tészta" is a kind of dough used in pastries/cakes of different shape and design.

"Hájas tészta" is made from "háj". "Háj" is inner pork fat (like around kidney and other inner parts of pig). I don't know English word for it. (To be distinguished from "zsír", which is fat under the pigs skin.)

Here is one recipe for this dough:

600 g háj (pork inner fat)
950 g liszt (flour)
2 tojás (eggs)
? ek só (salt)
? ek cukor (sugar)
175 g tejf?l (fat sour cream)
150 ml száraz fehérbor (dry white wine)
100 ml szénsavas víz (soda water)

If you google "Hájas tészta" you get thousands of others.


I'm gonna take a stab at this and say: KIEFLIES
I make mine with a rich egg pastry dough, not puff pastry.
It has almond paste filling, and you put powdered sugar on them.
They are very popular hungarian cookies.

i dono wat it is exactly. but it looks closer to a danish pastry. try googlin n chek.

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