how to make uniappam?!

Question: How to make uniappam?
please write complete recipie



* Raw rice powder : 2 cups
* Atta : ? cup
* Banana : 1
* Ghee : ? cup
* Cardamom powder : 1 tsp
* Jaggery : 2 cups
* Coconut : ?
* Oil : ? cup


Mix rawrice powder and atta.
Powder jaggery, mix in ? cup of water and let it boil.
Cut coconut into small pieces, fry in ghee and add to the jaggery syrup.
Peel banana, mash and mix it in syrup.
When the syrup is hot, add it to the powder and mix.
It should have idli batter consistency.
Add cardamom powder.
Mix oil and ghee.
Take an appam mould, fill the cups with ? th oil.
Pour the batter in the cups.
When one side is cooked turn the appam .
When cooked, remove from oil, drain and set aside

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