Can anyone help me identify this kind of Asian instant noodle?!

Question: Can anyone help me identify this kind of Asian instant noodle?
About 6-7 years ago, my mother brought home a box of a kind of instant noodle from the Asian supermarket. I remember them being very delicious, but at the time though there wasn't enough English on the packaging for me to remember a name. It a kind where you drain off all the cooking water and use the provided sauce to season the noodles.

There were three such packets inside - a powder seasoning packet, a thick liquid seasoning packet, and another packet containing dry vegetables and a small amount of western pasta. The sauces were reddish in color unlike soy sauce, and the flavor was more salty than sweet, and not spicy.

If I had to give an example I know of to compare them to, I would say it is similar to Nong Shim Chapaghetti or Samyung Chacharoni, but the sauce is redder and saltier, and there are definitely two seasoning packets, not one.


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Well I know that those two brands are Korean, so you might want to go to a Korean supermarket and check out their Ramen section, where they are bound to have 20-30 brands so you may find what you are looking for.

My best bet is to go to the Asian market and look for it. You'll have to fight through all the different types of noodles they have there. Ohh, by the way Ramen noodles is not Korean or Asian noodles. Try all the different they have there to see if you like them. Then you have more choices. Good luck. I especially like Thai noodles, it's more spicy and variety of flavors.

I think it's called Hoi Hoi

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