What kind of food is there to eat?!

Question: What kind of food is there to eat?
I don't know what food to eat because I've ate to much type of foods before such as, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysia, Filipino, Thailand, Indian, Brazilian, Italian food & much more. Is there any other foods that I haven't named that you could recommend for me to try?


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mexican? you didn't list that on there.

The thing is, there are sooo many different dishes/sub cuisines.

Anyway- how about middle-eastern?

Bulgur wheat- tabouleh
baba ganouj
labneh/tzatziki/yogurt in general
Mujaddara- basically lentils and rice

^ and that's only a few lebanese dishes

You can even make these things at home! :)

I love the imported italian food from http://www.italianfoodimports.com


Try some of the good old fashioned British poultry and game dishes, like quail, duck, hare, pheasant, rabbit, venison etc

Check out www.polishcooking1.com for really delicious Polish food recipes!!


Once you've had a "Taste of Honey", why do you want to retrogress? Stick to Italian food.

Try persian food - it is simply delicious.

Did you have any Latin American foods yet?

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