what to do what to do about food?!

Question: What to do what to do about food?
should my wife eat mac and cheese roman noodles or egg noodles with cheese on them


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why shouldn't she?
i think that she could eat whatever she wants, she was old enough to marry u, so i figure she is old enough to decide what to eat............lol

Ramen noodles have the nutritional value of nothing but you could add veggies to it if you want. As far as mac and cheese if you make it yourself you can make it nutritional but otherwise it probably isn't but it is really good tasting so as long as you eat a balanced diet why not ?

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Both you and your wife should have a good plate of spaghetti with meat sauce followed by a Cotoletta alla palermitana entree`.

If that is what she likes, but there are nicer foods.

Ramen noodles

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