Is Cheez-It Crackers Kosher?!

Question: Is Cheez-It Crackers Kosher?

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You need to look on the box for the Kosher symbol. I don't know where you are from, but here is a link

Yes it is kosher, according to Kellogg's website.… The packaging (box) should have K or U and D on it. The K or U are usually in a circle and indicate the product is kosher. The D indicates it contains dairy products and cannot be eaten with meat. Products with the with a K or U and the word Pareve or letter P indicates that the food product contains no dairy or meat products and has not been prepared in the same kitchen as those that contain dairy or meat products..

kelloggs website and my knowledge of kosher dietary laws.

If they have a "K" in a circle with a "d" next to it, then they are kosher dairy.

No, no snack foods are.

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