does sweet and sour PORK taste similar to sweet and sour CHICKEN?!

Question: Does sweet and sour PORK taste similar to sweet and sour CHICKEN?
or is there a big difference in taste?


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no they taste very similar

Frequently when you order these two dishes the deep fried battered meat comes separate from the sweet and sour sauce. So if your question is whether the sauce is different, then the answer is no. If your question is does pork taste different than chicken when they are both deep fried in a really thick batter? Then the answer is somewhat.


there is some difference because chicken mostly takes the flavor of whatever it is immersed in whereas pork absorbs flavor too but also gives off some of it's own flavor, but they are still very similar.

Hey its sweet and sour.
Sweet and sour?

Try sweet and sour sauce in Asian grocery.

P.S. Be creative

Al Chinese food tastes the same.

They're kind of the same.

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