What do you think of my little bakeries name?!

Question: What do you think of my little bakeries name?
Ive just started a small business in pastry and named is Mr. Mustachios Pastries , what do you think?


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Run your imagination get names such

Pastry Garden
Best In Town
Pastry Chef
Cute Pastry
Pastry Bazar
and many


Name is too long. Also, the overt association of a mustache with pastry may be distasteful to some; it is to me. It brings to mind the idea of hair in the food, which you of course want to avoid.

How about naming it Meg's Pastries or whatever your first name is? Short and easy to pronounce is better than long and complicated for a name of a business.

It sounds Italian.

It's hard to remember, sorry.
Try to go with something that suits your area.
"Golden Grain" for example.

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