Have i eaten too much today?!

Question: Have i eaten too much today?
Hello. I'm 15 years old, 5'5 and 7.5 stone.
Have i eaten too much today?

Breakfast - Porridge (Half a cup of oats and 2 cups of skimmed milk)
Lunch - One slice of bread and a piece of chicken
snack - Dried fruit and rice bar.
Dinner - Piece of chicken with breadcrumbs and half a can of beans

I also had a big bowl of corn flakes and about 6 mini cola bottle sweets.
Is this too much? Or too little? Or just perfect? Thanks!


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No it's not enough to eat.
With a diet like that you will starve yourself.

If you start paying attention to your own body you can easily figure this out. If you constantly feel hungry, you aren't eating enough. If you constantly feel too full, you are eating too much. People are terrible at this, but it's really not a hard concept. Everyone is different and height / weight doesn't solely determine your nutritional needs. Just start paying attention to the signs your own body is sending you. That being said, what you listed seems like a reasonable amount of food.

not enough.

by the way, I recommend you stop counting your food.
just make sure the food you eat is good. eat as many different types of fresh and good food as you can. your body sorts out what it needs and doesn't need.

if you're worried about getting fat, then make sure your body gets what it needs regularly so it doesn't get into the habit of storing it in your fat cells.

you're a nibbler....snacking lightly throughout the day. Not really healthy per say but try adding a few more things to the list or add more food to your meals. It's not too much at all, I think everyone would say it's not enough.

Add some vegetables and a bit more lean protein.

Also, stop with the cola bottle sweets.

I dont think its too much and it maybe not enough, teenagers are suppose to eat alot anyways, so eat and have fun youre allowed

Maybe not too much, but girl, where are your green veggies?

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