What's your favorite food?!

Question: What's your favorite food?

Soul Food. £

Anything that can "restore" me. Sometimes it's chicken soup. Other times, a steak with a good baked potato.

Spaghetti is my comfort food when I'm rattled, and there is an old Italian saying that goes "no one can be unhappy while eating Spaghetti."

My favourite food is Japanese. I love the variety and different flavours of Japanese food. My favourites include sushi, tempura, and yakitori chicken.

Japan Australia Blog

My favorite food is the Vietnamese food Bun Cha Hanoi, here is a recipe and video



Spanish Jamon Iberico - unbelievable cured ham , raw pork leg de only on acorns and cured in salt for years before being served. Unbelievable. mind you i do fancy a good BBQ every now and then as well.

Vietnamese bun bo hue. You haven't lived til you've tried a good one, trust me. :D.

Vietnamese Pho.

PIZZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chile Rellenos!!!

everything!! haha

Macaroni Cheese and chips

Crayfish. (our lobster)



Steamed Clams


surf and turf

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