Is chicken subgum chow mein healthy?!

Question: Is chicken subgum chow mein healthy?
Does anyone know if this is healthy or not.. i know it has tons of celery and other veggies but does the sauce cancel out the healthiness from the veggies in it?


Unlike sauces used for most western food, Chinese sauces don't have butter and cream in it. Chinese food always use vegetable oil and the sauce is made with corn starch, therefore in comparison it is not as fattening and comes without saturated fat. Just go easy on it because our body needs vegetable oil, or with all the meat and veggies you could skip the sauce and it still tastes good enough.

Description Quantity Energy
(calories) Carbs
(grams) Protein
(grams) Cholesterol
(milligrams) Weight
(grams) Fat
(grams) Saturated Fat
canned 1 cup 95 18 7 8 250 0 0.1
home recipe 1 cup 255 10 31 75 250 10 4.1

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