Buying fresh ginger root?!

Question: Buying fresh ginger root?
Mostly I see ginger root that has dry brownish skin. But yesterday I bought the root that looked very "young", basically there was no brown skin and the whole thing was just to be washed and sliced. It was very tasty, fresh and full of juice.
I wonder if those would be different kinds of ginger or simply younger and older roots.



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Yes "young ginger" is much more juicy than the older ginger that is normally sold in stores. Frequently Asian store will sell both young and old ginger. The young ginger has a much lighter skin that is almost white and has hints of red here and there.

yes you can definitely get more "younger" fresher ginger root. the skin is usually much smoother and the older tends to be more wrinkly and gives a little when pressed.
i dont think they are any different, maybe just younger/older.

Although it could be of different origin, including Hawaii, Brazil, Jamaica, all ginger roots are the same. The biggest difference is like you described, young and old roots.

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