Is all sushi supposed to come with sesame seeds on the outside of it?!

Question: Is all sushi supposed to come with sesame seeds on the outside of it?
I went to a new sushi place today and the chef didnt sprinkle sesame seeds on the outside of my sushi so I asked for it. He did it, then angrily and sloppily chopped my sushi and basically thru it in the to-go box. What was his problem?


No. sushi is made in many different ways and the seed are just one of them. Maybe he didn't put seed on his and he took your request as a criticism.

Well, I doubt it was as dramatic as you say - but it probably the way you requested it. If you worded it like you did here - like he did something probably insulted him.

Sesame seeds are like a garnish on sushi - no sushi is "supposed to come with sesame seeds." You may prefer it that way, which is fine, but it doesn't always come that way - it is an option.

Try not to be rude to people who are handling your food or providing other service. On the other hand - rude people often deserve exactly what they get.

no, there's no rule saying sushi has to come with sesame seeds on the outside. it just depends on the type of roll you get and the restaurant you're at. some chefs put it on as a garnish, others don't. but seriously he shouldn't have acted like that. i can see how it might annoy him that you asked that especially if he was having a bad day, but ultimately you're the customer and he shouldn't be rude to you

I eat sushi all the time, I only had sesame sprinkled in some of those rolls wrapped in nori. I have never found sesame on those with raw fish like tuna, salmon, etc.

Dam it, this is upsetting. Another guy with sesame chop syndrome. Its a chronic disorder you get from watching 2 much Sesame Street.

Beware of them!

my big toe.


@charlie yup its like asking for salt on a food after its benn brought out for you

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