food netwrok arousing?!

Question: Food netwrok arousing?
before i start let me say i weight 300 pounds so no fat jokes please.

now im still a virgin and i live alone. but unlike most guys i don't look up porn, i just turn on the food network. i do not know what it is but i get very aroused. and i am pretty sure it is not from rachel ray's boobies but the apple pie she pulls out of the oven. i understand im not exactly the sexiest guy but i feel like banana cream pie and apple butter sauce shouldn't give me a legit orgasm.

does anyone else get hot flashes and take off their shirt and rub themselves down with ice cubes when emril goes BAM BAM BAM. i might sleep with emril to get at one if his steaks... no lie.

i once got a bath in jello and used whipped cream as shampoo... its getting that bad. i now pay women to come to my house and eat bananas in front of me... and its the banana that turns me on.

what should i do to get over this?


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This particular fetish is called "Sitophilia". It involves being aroused by food and its use in a sexual way.

If it is not something you wish to continue with, psychiatric assistance would have to be used.

Don't fear going to a psychiatrist. They have more than likely heard worse and weirder.

Your description gave me a mental picture of the food scene from one of the Austin Powers movies:…

By the way, I found your description of horse's "special" ability funny. This and that GF with clown question aren't that creative.

It must be the moon phase that prompted trolls to come out and play. LOL

Sounds like you have a food fetish. But you really ought to keep it a secret or people might think your weird.

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