Rice and Spain PLEASE LOOK?!

Question: Rice and Spain PLEASE LOOK?
I have to do a study of a country for my food tech h/w. I chose spain, and then i had to do a page on a specific food and i did paella, but the main part is rice obviously. I have to write about a main food associated with it, so as i have started with paella i may as well do rice. I was in valenica last october, and saw lots of rice fields, is this a Spanish thing, or is it not too common.

Any additional info (only if rice is associated with spain) on rice how it grows, where it grows, what makes it specific to spain, how is it harvested, how is it proccessed would be great thanks.


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Rice is grown in the Coastal areas of Valencia, known as the 'Marjal' , which are basically low level marshes near to the Coast which are often in wet or partially flooded conditions. This explains why rice dishes (of which Paella is just one) are so popular in Valencia in particular. Other rice dishes popular in Valencia include Arroz abanda, Arroz negra, Arroz al horno - but there are loads more.
Make sure that you point out in your study that Arroz is typically grown in Valencia, and that Paella is a REGIONAL Spanish dish - not a national one , and that Paella is just representative of one of many rice dishes.

This is the KING of Spanish rice dishes - Seafood Paella is probably the most famous and popular Spanish dish around the world. It originates in Valencia, a region on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, between Barcelona and Murcia that is known for its rice dishes


Google, " Arroz en Espana" and see what you get.

Today, most rice is probably grown in Seville province with Valencia in second place..


Rice is grown all over the world, so that's not very unique or special. However, how rice came to Spain may be an interesting topic for your report.

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