Disadvantages of Halal meat ?!

Question: Disadvantages of Halal meat ?

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I always eating it, its very important. For mosleems, if we eating nonhalal (meat or another nonhalal food), its danger for our heart, our blood, especially our activities ignored by Allah SWT.

Maybe the disadvantages is Halal meat is more expensive than non-halal meat, especially if you get it in the minority mosleems town/ area in Europe, etc. If you have a community, may be its not expensive to get Halal meat, just buy and cut the goat, chicken, or cow, with Bismillah, and clean and cooking together.

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Depending on where you live it is very difficult to find. Also I have seen a very limited selection in a few grocery stores, and the quality is horrible,I would put the quality close to pet food. I do know a few familys that will only eat halal, most of time thier meals are vegitarian, once every few months with will travel well over an hour to go to a halal butcher. Also the price of halal it a put off, sometimes it's simply too expensive to only eat halal.
I am muslim, and I buy meat from the grocery store. I've been to a few halal butcher and honestly they were so dirty I would not be comfortable feeding my kids meat that had come from there. Also sura 6 aya 118 says, it is lawful to eat that over which the name of Allah had been mentioned. Before we eat anything we say Bismillah rahman ranheem. Although we would like to only eat halal, we do the best we can with what we have, and I'm sure that god understands that.

Koshering or Halal methods of meat preparation, rendering out of the blood, robs the meat from essential nutrients, primarily iron.

if you are not a religious man then no problem. it is a Islamic religiously making holy in meat.

if there is no halal meat, Mosleems choose be a vegetarians.
disadvtg its expensive.

should not be allowed it is a cruel way to kill animals

Can't think of one.


no pork products (really tasty)
no shellfish

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