How does Moroccon food differ from region to region?!

Question: How does Moroccon food differ from region to region?
For cooking I have to find out how in different regions of morocco the food is different. I also need to have one example dish from each region. Anything can help since the internet is useless.


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Morocco is a mix of many cultures. A moroccan bride wears several dresses on her wedding day to represent each culture. The language is mixed with a few differnt languages. And the food is also mixed depending on region. One recipe that was made for my by a moroccan friend is couscous with veggies. It was very simple and very good. the veggies were boiled in a pot (carrots, parsnips acorn squash and a few others) when they were cooked, the couscous was made in the water the veggies were cooked in. The couscous was piled into a mound on a plate, and the veggies were put on top of the couscous.

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