What should I order at this Indian restaurant?!

Question: What should I order at this Indian restaurant?
My best friend is getting married, and she wants to go to an Indian restaurant with the bridesmaids before the wedding. As the maid of honor, I really want to please her. BUT i am a very picky eater, and I just don't like the smell of Indian food (the curry mostly). I want to eat something that isn't too spicy, and doesn't contain lentils or chick peas as I don't like those.

The restaurant is vegetarian, so unfortunately I won't be able to order chicken or something more like my type of food. Here's the restaurant menu website:


Please help me!!!! Thanks.


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HI Liz...checked the menu...this restaurant is serving "South Indian" food.

If you draw a horizontal line at the middle of Indian Subcontinent, the southern part or the part bellow the line is South India consisting four neighboring states. Their food and culture is just opposite compared to the North Indians.

If your guests have some preferences of Northern or Southern Food, check that out first.

For your help, ALL "Uthappa" and "Dosa" is made from a paste of Rice Flour and Lentil Paste. If you would like to avoid Lentils....avoid these two.

Safe order

Starter....Order for GOBI MANCHURIAN...item no.22. It's not really traditional Indian, but a later on addition from Chinese influence, it's not Chinese either...it's Cauliflower made with Soy...

Main Course....Order for VEGETABLE PULAV...no. 74...you can ask them to discard Green Peas if you desire.

Bread.....CHAPATI..no.93...these are supposed to be eat with a side dish...

Side Dish....VEGETABLE JALFREZI..no. 65....BAIGAN BHARTA..no. 61....or KADAI BENDI MASALA...no.62

Desserts.....go for 100....101 or 103....all three are pretty good.
Beverages...order for 109....Fresh Lemon Juice (Salt)...this will be good for rest of the order.

All above items are selected based on your preference

I am from India and a foody, know each of these item pretty well.

The menu is basic Indian cuisine, and self-explanatory and there are plenty of items, that is, if you would take the time to read it, that don't contain curry, chickpeas, or lentils. Take her there, don't announce your preferences, eat, and shut up so she can have a good time eating Indian food, without your primadonna bitching.

i like okra curry, it tastes gorgeous and dosn't need any meat or anything, but if you really dont fancy anything on the menu then fill up on rice and bread, but the best thing about indian resturaunts is that people share their dishes so it shouldn't matter much anyway just try them all! good luck :)

go to one who serves chicken!! Buttered Chicken and naan bread is sooo good. buttered chicken isnt that spicy. minimal.

I'm half Indian, not used to vegetarian dishes. but looove chicken curry and anything with chicken.

Never get stuck at an Indian restaurant wondering what to order, what goes with what else and how hot a dish might be, again! Here's a handy guide to help ...


It all looks wonderful - order the whole menu

first....this restaurant sounds like more "South Indian" than "North Indian" dishes but south Indian is good too. If I was you this is how I will go to make it a special one....

No. 16. Paneer pakora. a n d No. 11. Vegetable samosa.
(I wud have loved to order for you the No.10 but you already said no, without knowing what you are missing, never mind, its you, you and you).

by the way the restaurant is definately south Indian dishes.

from Utthapa, I will order Veg Utthapa for you.
from curries No. 61. its going to be an experiment for you but the choice is gentle and nice.
I wish if you try No.56. Chana masala but not sure about you, as you hv written about spices.
from Pullav...I would love to try curd rice No. 76 (if they have that, usually its not available)
from specialities I will think about 80 or 81 (if u order 80 than 56 you dont have to)
I would order from 91/93/95 mixed numbers
dessert will be 100 / 101 both.
They havn't mentioned about rice....but you can choose if you want more plain rice. though u hv already orderd Curd rice and breads will be fine.

Secondly I am trying my best to get you hooked on Indian food. let's see who wins. You or me.

Enjoy, God bless you.

ps: I don't know which country you are in but would have been a good idea send some international air tickets for us to be with you to guide you for the food selection. alas !

Still Enjoy.


saw the menu card and I am an Indian but I too eat non spicy food in Indian restaurants.

Dont try any of the soups. For the starter, u can try veggie rolls or from the 'Indo-Chinese' u can try the homemade spring roll. they will not b spicy.

for the main course, u can try 'malai kofta'. it is extremely mild, bit sweet in taste, and doesnt have lentils/chickpeas. 'methi malai mutter' is also very mild and has only greens, peas and cheese.
U will get those with rice and yogurt dip and pickle(dont try the pickle).

If u want to try bread, go only for 'naan' as the others will be difficult for u too break/cut and eat.
Any dessert is fine.
hope this helps :)

Nothing . There food taste like dirty diapers .

Whatever it is make sure to ask for bacon with it. It's an indian delicacy

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