what dish has ground coriander?!

Question: What dish has ground coriander?
I've never cooked with it before. I just picked some up at the market for the first time but it smells different than I expected. What do you use it for? I was planning making a spice rub for pork chops using onion powder, garlic powder, touch of parsley, fine ground pepper, paprika. Now I need to make a dish with the coriander since I don't think it will blend well with my pork chop spice rub.


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1. Coriander is a common ingredient in almost all the Indian curries
2. Ground coriander is used in making hot dogs, sausages
3. Ground coriander is found in almost all the spice rubs in United Sates for steaks, and chicken
4. Ground coriander is an ingredient in most of the salt-free seasonings, such as Mrs Dash
5. You can make your own meat rub. You can use it on lamb, pork, beef chicken, and even fish such as Salmon. Compare it with spice rubs made by Mrs Dash except for sea-salt here
Ground Coriander
Ground Cumin
Oregano leaves
Ground black-pepper
Ground cayenne
Ground dried ginger root
Garlic flakes
Onion flakes
Citric acid (available in canning area)
Dried lemon peel

Think Indian cuisine (curries and such). And, to see what spices go well as a rub or whatever, just experiment. Get a bunch of chops, cuts of chicken or beef, fish, etc., and try different combinations. So much of cooking is trial and error. Sure, you can go by various recipes or whatever. But, there's certainly nothing wrong with experimentation.

you find coriander in curries and arabic mixed spices.. and sometimes mexican blends and cajun/creole blends..
its what I call a red/warm spice..
goes well with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cayenne, garlic and onion powder, black pepper, all spice, tumeric, cumin, etc...
blend it up with these and use it in stews, rice, and curries...

I use it for nearly all of my Indian dishes, it is really versatile. Goes very well with ground cumin.
You can use it with just about any Indian veg or meat dish!

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