What is the history of chow mein and how did the geography in China affect the ingredients?!

Question: What is the history of chow mein and how did the geography in China affect the ingredients?
I need the history of the chow mein from China (inventor, why it's eaten etc.) and how the geography influenced the ingredient choices.


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chow mien was invented in america to feed americans, it is based on Cantonese cuisine

Chow is to fry.
Mein are noodle.
Chow mein is fried noodles.
Usually Cantonese style is boiled or soaked noodles fried crispy after they are wet cooked and then the stir fried meats, sauce and veggies are placed on top.
American style is the meat and veggies plated with cold crispy noodles set on top.

Either way they are a fast food style of dish usually intended for one person.

A regular meal for more people would see the dishes served separately.
Noodle on one plate. Meats and veggies on other plates.
The American version of the noodles are much thicker and very dry instead of moist.
More like unsalted pretzel actually.

The meat and veggies vary according to what is available in the local market.

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