what you not like about spicy food?!

Question: What you not like about spicy food?
Many people don't like spicy stuff? Is it because the hot sensation, sweating or what? Just curious.


I like mild spicy food but the hot stuff I stay away from because it can cause blisters on your tounge and they hurt man. Also spicy foods dehydrate me and that's not nice either.

I think if you grew up eating hot spicy food then your used to it and your body adapts but me I am a skinny white british fish and chips kinda person and my first curry I tryed at 15.

I hate spicy food cause it burns your mouth and than you drink water and it makes it worse. Than it also makes you hot which I hate! I just hate heat! And it's hard to get rid of the hot flavor like once when I was 7 I put really hot, hot sauce on my finger for some reason and then I forgot about it and when I ate an apple later I tasted the hot, hot sauce and it was nasty! and that's why i hate hot spicy food

I actually enjoy spicy foods. But I do hate when the food is super spicy but has no other flavors involved. Like how some places make super-hot hot sauce using pure capsaicin as an ingredient. I don't need to eat that. That stuff can be dangerous, which is why they make pepper spray with it.

White people can't take the heat. Other people can. Ha ha. And Spicey food gives you gas. Sometimes. Ha ha.

Because the food is TO HOTT..

because it burns your mouth. and it plays havoc with my colon.


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