what kind of food tastes horrible the next day?!

Question: What kind of food tastes horrible the next day?
left over french fries yuck!!


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Left over fries or chips (if you are american what I mean by chips are chunkier than french fries). They taste awful when they are cold or even reheated.

Sandwiches are awful the next day.

Pizza is rank unless you reheat it

LOL, every Thursday i eat french fries from KFC for dinner, along with fried chicken. The next day ,there's always left over french fries and i always eat them for breakfast before school.

Most leftovers do, except maybe lasagne, but don't leave them too long either.

Broccolli Cheese Soup

Food that you ate and subsequently threw up the night before?

tuna salad with onions...bad

haha i agree

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