Cajun Desert ideas...?!

Question: Cajun Desert ideas...?
I have this project where i'm supposed to make a cajun recipe. The first thing that popped into my mind was desert. I've been researching but i can't find a good enough recipe. Any ideas?


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idk if it's cajun but i know they LOVE bread pudding in the south and by damn so do I

Emeril Lagasse or Paul Prudhome both have great recipes for desserts. Sweet potato pie, pecan pie, bread pudding, just to name a few. They are both famous cooks from the New Orleans area where I once lived.

If you aren't an experienced pastry cook, then have your mom help. The bread pudding is easiest and one you should be able to do by yourself. You would need stale bread, eggs, whole milk and cream, butter, raisins optional, cinnamon or vanilla, and sugar or brown sugar for a basic bread pudding.

The recipes should be on line...

retired chef.

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