What are apples coated with to make them shine?!


What are apples coated with to make them shine?

Food grade wax.


In New York, they coat empire apples with a little wax, I don't know if i ts the same everywhere though.



Its just polish, or a special wax


Wax hope you wash your apples before eating them, you can feel it when your washing them.....

Apple wax!

Wax and something to make them have a longer shelf life in some cases.

Special wax to make them shine, and loads of chemicals to keep them fresh for longer. Best give it a good wash before shoving it in your mouth.



i heard some apples are waxed using a wax made from crushed beetle shells. Honestly. Google it as I can't be @rsed.

Edit, I found the motivation to look for it.......

CARMINE / COCHINEAL / CARMINIC ADID: This is the red pigment produced from the crushed female cochnieal beetle. Unfortunately it takes 70,000 beetles to produce just one pound of the red dye that is used in red apple sauce, cosmetics, shampoos and other foods such as lollipops and food colouring. It can cause an allergic reaction. The alternatives are beetrooot juice which is safely used in roughes, shampos and powders, alkanet root from the root of the alkanet herb tree which is used as a red dye for inks, lip balms, wines and other goods and is safe. It can also be mixed to make a copper or blue colouring.


you should wash it with warm/hot water first before you eat it..

A food grade wax is used, especially on pictures for ads, but you can make them shine by simply spraying some "Spray 'n Cook" on them and rub em up a bit.
a little olive oil will do the same thing...

Apples have a natural waxy coating and if kept wrapped in tissue paper their waxiness can be preserved.

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