How do you know when a watermelon has gone bad?!


How do you know when a watermelon has gone bad?

best way to choose a melon for buying or eating is to look at the melon where the stalk was if it's very dark or black stay away it's bad also apply a little pressure to this point and if it's soft then it's either very ripe or nearly past it's best!

It will smell bad & taste bad, or be really squishy.

It tastes sour. This question is right up my alley. I love watermelon!!

when it is really soft

when it taste nasty, and color is different

huh same here

well... it don't smell so good

tap the bottom end if you get a dull sound its ok if you get an echo sound bin it

Can't say when it has gone bad but to know if it's ripe & ready to take a very large sharpe knife & push it into the top of the watermelon a quater of the way in then start in slice the watermelon down the center...if the watermelon is ready it will split in half from the pressure of the knife without you forcing in, if it does'nt leave & try it again the day after...1 last tip...when the watermelon has been opened, add 3 cups of straight vodka to the middle of the halved watermelon and leave to soak over night....fantastic dessert or starter depending on what kind of night you are planning. Have fun

it will hold a knife to your throat and steal ya handbag

In many mediterranean countries where watermelons grow in abundance, you can find a friendly local grocer who will cut a small piece out of the watermelon and if it's good you buy it, if it's not the grocer bins it. Unfortunately that won't happen here in England. A trick we often use is to hold the watermelon to our ear, then tap at an angle of 120 degrees. If the sound carries through, it means the watermelon is firm and juicy. If the sounds is dull, the watermelon is soft and therefore past its best. Turn the watermelon around and repeat to ensure consistency.


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1,have a sniff and a bite then wait for the upset tummy and then the warm toilet seat...

2, When it tell you its not going to go to school today...

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When the juice comig out of it is brown!

It appears on Crimewatch!!! ;)

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