Does v 8 juice cause some people problems?!


Does v 8 juice cause some people problems?

not that i could think of, but if you are allergic to anything in it it could potentiolly be dangerous.

I think it's delicious :)
But problems...?
I never heard of that lol

I usually get a wierd feeling in my stomach after drinking a lot of V8...I think its because of the thickness of the drink. what I have come to love is the new V8 fusion (esp the lite version), it has a mix of fruits and veggies that isn't as thick as the orginal V8.

Its just veg. juice

It has a lot of vegetables, but the sodium in a can is incredible. Check out the label.

There is quite a bit of salt in regular v8, so if your not used to eating alot of sodium, this can cause stomach disruptions...but I'm sure the acids from the tomatoes used is probably whats causing the problem. While eating a slice or 2 of tomato may not do anything, drinking something that concentrated-along with the salt-might cause stomach pain & nausea if youre not used to drinking it regularly. Try the lower sodium version, or add a bit of water to each glass you drink, to thin it out a bit.

The only things I can think of are allergies to any of the ingredients and salt sensitivity (regular V-8 has lots of salt).

it's healthy for you but i can see how it could burn a hole in your stomach if you drink that tomato juice all the time.

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