Where can I buy pre-packaged onigiri (rice balls)?!

Question: Where can I buy pre-packaged onigiri (rice balls)!?
I love love love rice balls!. But I've only ever had them when I visited Japan several years ago, and I CANNOT find them in the states! Is there a website where I can order them or some specialty food store I can go to!?
These rice balls were just plain rice, but some had tuna and other fish in the middle!. They were individually wrapped!. [email protected]@Com

I don't know where you live, but here is a website of a store that sells them!.

http://www!.mitsuwa!.com/tenpo/eindex!.html[email protected]@Com

Chibi, be good if we knew where you are or just the City and State!. You can make your own if you have the patience!. There is a rice ball that the Sicilians make called an Arranchini, they are a pain to make, I go to my Southern Italian Restaurant friend who is a chef, and he makes me up a dozen, they are a meal in themselves!. You might go down that road, try it see how you go!.

Chris [email protected]@Com

I live in Japan, but why don't you get a rice cooker and make our own!? (You can order a rice cooker on line!.)[email protected]@Com

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