For Chinese food what's the difference between all these noodles?!

Question: For Chinese food what's the difference between all these noodles!?
There are Egg Noodles, Soft Noodles, Rice Noodles and Pan Fried Noodles!.
What's the yummiest!?[email protected]@Com

Best thing is just to try them out, either from local Asian restaurants or buy small packets from your Chinese grocer to experiment cooking at home!. The best taste comes from freshly made noodles but those are rare in Western countries & usually you'll have to make do with dried stuff that needs to be reconstituted through soaking before stir-frying, unless you want to boil for soupy noodles (the healthiest option)!.

Other than wheat flour, there's lots of alternatives or additions like rice flour, soyabean, spinach, carrot etc!. Note also yellow noodles don't always contain egg!. So when describing noodles, note the variations in ingredients, appearance & cooking methods!.

My personal favs are the flat white rice noodles (stir-fried), yellow flattish noodles known in Chinese dialect as "mee pok", and transparent mung-bean vermicelli (great stir-fried, used in Thai noodle salads or included in spring roll fillings for interesting texture)!.

Some noodle dishes are acknowledged classics!. One of the most popular is Hong Kong-style wonton char-siew thin egg noodles (very springy to the bite, what the Chinese term as "QQ")!. Hand-pulled noodles or "la mian" is a fad in recent years though very common in China for ages!. Thai mung bean noodle salads & stir-fried thin rice noodles 'pad thai' are delicious!. Other notable contributions from the same region are Malay mee siam (thin rice vermicelli) & mee rebus (rounded yellow egg noodles), Singaporean stir-fried char kway teow (flat rice noodles) & Hokkien fried seafood noodles (mostly rounded egg noodles)!. There's many many more examples!. China has an interesting dish where the chef stands a distance away from the pot of boiling water & slices small pieces of noodle with a knife (from a big block of dough held in one hand) accurately into the pot! [email protected]@Com

There are more vermicelli, spinach noodles, yam noodles and so on:

Here are some definitions of some of the most common Chinese noodles:

"Bean-thread noodles: A thin, clear noodle made from mung-bean starch!. Sometimes called cellophane noodles, vermicelli and sai fun!. Sold dry, they should be soaked in hot water to soften before stir-frying!. Add dry to soups!.

Egg noodles: These yellow noodles are made with wheat flour and eggs, similar to Italian pasta!. They can be cut wide or thin and are available in dried and fresh/frozen form!. They're the noodles used in chow mein and lo mein!. Parboil before using in soups or stir-frying!.

Rice noodles: Another broad term for noodles made with rice, rice flour or rice powder!. There are soft, wet noodles that come in sheets or strips!. These are delicate and cook quickly!. There also are thin, dry noodles, sometimes called rice vermicelli, mee fun or rice stick noodles!. When deep-fried, these noodles explode into airy, crunchy strands!. They also can be soaked in water before adding to soups or stir-fries!.

Wheat noodles: Long, thin noodles, whiter than egg noodles, they look similar to spaghetti!. They are available fresh and dried!. The traditional "long life" noodles eaten for Chinese birthdays are wheat noodles!."


It depends on what you prefer, different kinds of noodles for different kinds of foods, I can't decide!.

Soft noodles, Egg noodles rice noodles you can stir fry them, or boil them!.

The pan fried noodles are only for frying but after you fried them you can steamed them as well!.

Mung bean Vermicelli can only be cooked, most commonly used in Chinese version of sukiyaki, there is a pot cooking in the middle, all the people sitting on the same table toss raw foods in there to cook, meat, veges, fish cakes, tofus, Mung Bean Vermicelli and so on!. When they are done you take them out and eat!.[email protected]@Com

it depends on the ways you gonna cook it!. for example, egg noodles is usually used for wanton mee (in malaysia)!. it can also be used in soup noodles!. Rice noodles can be fried and also can be used with soup!. pan fried noodles like you can see, use in frying!. some noodles cannot be fried such as soft noodles as it will be soft and mushy when fried!. it is better used for soup noodles!. i prefer eggnoodles the best and some times rice noodles!.[email protected]@Com

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