What are those Mexican snack rings(the orange wheel looking things)?!

Question: What are those Mexican snack rings(the orange wheel looking things)!?
they usually come in a clear bag with a couple packets of hot sauce and lemon juice!.[email protected]@Com

Umhm!.!.!.they're called 'chicharrones de harina'
I used to eat them all the time!. =)[email protected]@Com

Duritos are deep fried pork rinds!. The name may sound yucky, but the taste is great!. They are smaller and harder to chew than chicharrones, which are lighter and fluffier!. There is another variety of chicharrones which are made of flour, and those orange wheels are precisely that!. Cartwheel shaped flour snacks!. You can buy them already made like the ones you described or you can find them uncooked in supermarkets and markets, then you deep fry them at home!. The color comes from chile ancho or guajillo, a type of chile that is not hot, but does add a delicious flavor and plenty of color to dishes, and which is added to the masa before it is shaped into the little cartwheels!.[email protected]@Com

I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I have wondered what those were myself, so I'm glad you're asking! I'll be watching for an answer!. I live in Texas and I have always seen them in convenient stores, etc!.!.!.!.!.!.no clue!.!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

They are Duritos!. Sometimes eaten with limon con sal (lemon with salt)!.[email protected]@Com

I think they are called "duritos"!. I could be wrong!.

I've actually never gotten the guts to try those!. I'm not a big chip, snackie person!.[email protected]@Com

oh i love those things!it is like wheat that is fried!.they are called chicharones!.[email protected]@Com

those are ******* good!. they are called duritos or chicharrones de harina[email protected]@Com

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