What food is "better than sex"?!

Question: Um... The edible undies you eat off to have sex?

Answers: Um... The edible undies you eat off to have sex?


go to Spice of Thai in Everett, WA

No food is better than sex, unless the sex is bad

Sushi!! I love how it just melts in your mouth!!

Um, wipped cream you lick off someone before you have sex?


In my opinion, most food is better than sex.

But I'm going to go with a big juicy steak, and a warm, decadent chocolate brownie smothered in creamy vanilla ice cream for dessert the most orgasmic meal you could ever have.

any food that you eat along with sex chocolat,grapes,wipe cream or frosting.

Chitterlings yuuuummmmm!!!!!!

Grilled succulent lamb cutlets with a crispy rind and mint sauce, mmmmmmmmmm...

Used to be good chocolate was better than sex. However....that has changed! My favorites are:

1. Tom Yum soup
2. Mom's pot roast
3. Shu Mai
4. French Onion soup

Chocolate !!!!!!

donuts and cream filled pastries and of the previously mentioned that include chocolate on them.

Sauteed Morel mushrooms in butter and sea salt with shaved Parmigiana cheese.....a good after sex meal

Well, they have cakes that are named "better than sex". I wouldn't consider that to be the case though. My answer is "none"

good dark chocolate

How can you compare food to sex? I would think that those are two totally different types of hunger. If your doing it right, then you could rephrase your question to sound more like this:
"Whats the best cure for a bad case of "after-sex" hungries?"
Thats usually when things taste OH SO GOOD! You have already released the endorphins within your body and everything after that is cloud nine, baby! I find that to be a good time to try something new. Your sense of taste and smell are elevated just after a romp in the sack so go ahead and leave dinner for last once in a while! It cant hurt to change things up a bit.

This comes close:

-Chop 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a blender. Pour into a bowl.
-Crack an egg into the blender.
-Heat 1 cup heavy cream in the microwave until it comes to a full boil.
-Turn the blender on and pour the boiling cream in.
-Add the chopped chocolate and blend until smooth.
-Pour into 4 individual ramekins and chill for 1 hour.

beef steak. But there are no link between food and sex

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