Do you think pie is a good dessert to have when the main course is sausage?!

Question: just like pigs in a blanket .... they are perfect match

Deep dish Sasage very sexy

Answers: just like pigs in a blanket .... they are perfect match

Deep dish Sasage very sexy

always ....pie is the best

Pie is always good...
So is sausage.

yes. there a perfect match

Mmm mmm, cherry pie for dessert...

LOL, entertainment... break out the camcorder!!!

I see it as the ONLY way to go

Why not? Sounds good to me!

pie is good with every thing i think good luck!!!!!

Hot or Cold?

nothing compliments sausage better then good pie

i think it sounds good. red wine would go best, too.

Pie is so good they would forgive you for serving just sausages as the main course.

Pie is a great dessert to have after pretty much any meal. What kind of pie are you planning to make? I personally love Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and of course Pecan Pie.

they go together like Adam&Eve

yah..try apple

You can never go wrong with pie. Sometimes cake would be too much but pie is always a good choice. What kind of pie if you don't mind my asking? I love pie!

I think it should be served as an appetizer first, and then for dessert after the main course. LOL (((((MamiZ)))))

Nope Cream Cake is the best after sausage.

Despite pic to left, I am NOT being a pig here

PIE GOES WITH EVERYTHING!! heh. sorry, just i like pie.

It aint nothing like pie pie! sorry had to say it twice but yeah pie and uncle john sausage the best

Hmm. I think I'll skip the sausage and go straight for the pie, if you don't mind...

Throw some gravy on the sausage and Redi-whip on the pie and you got yourself some good...errrm...delicious times!

for me any dessert is great after anything.....ow!!!!!!! my sweet tooth!!

can i put my sausage in your pie? ;)

Pie is always good.

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