Im having a sweet sixteen black and white party and i need help!!!?!

Question: invitations?
deccorations?(at a ballroom)
center pieces?
door prizes?
gifts to give to each guest?

Answers: invitations?
deccorations?(at a ballroom)
center pieces?
door prizes?
gifts to give to each guest?

I can't believe that everyone is telling you to use feathers as part of your decor ... is the sixteen year old a stripper?

Invitations should dictate the "theme" or "tone" of party. If it's formal and the girls will be wearing gowns and the boys tuxes or suits then go to a wedding stationary shop and use their templates ... just don't pick one with wedding bells on the front!

If it's a casual theme where the kids are going to be wearing jeans then go to Office Supply Store and get the computer paper invitations and choose one with a party motif and make your own. Buy colorful envelopes.

Decor can be black and white helium balloons in a "pearl" finish ... they do it a lot at charity balls.

Make the cake a 3-tiered (or higher) fondant iced showpiece to be displayed on a seperate table. Make it really colourful like a white fondant base with red designs and flowers on it just so it "stands out" among the "black and white" theme.

I don't like the idea of "door prizes" ... too "little kid-ish" ... however, if you have a photographer at the event you can give away small 4X6 black or white or silverplated frames and then the kids can put their picture from the party in it as souvenir. The photographer should have a digital camera and a printer on-site.

Make sure you have a GREAT DJ. Very important that you have good music. Ask your child to make a "wish play list" and tell the DJ to stick to that list so you don't get him playing cheezy songs like "Celebration" buy Kool and the Gang circa 1980.

Food, if you're having a stand-up party should consist of appetizers the are easy to eat. Grilled shrimp on a lemongrass skewer or simply shrimp and cocktail dipping sauce; chicken satay on skewers (small ones); mozzerella cheese sticks with salsa dip; spring rolls and dip ... you get the idea ... small items of food accompanied with dip with a wide variety of food. Don't have every appetizer be a cheese based one. And, don't go too fancy or the kids won't eat it.

If you're having a sitdown dinner I would do something simply like grilled chicken breast with a terriyaki glaze (or whatever type of glaze you like.) with stirfry vegetables and rice. If you pick something too fattening or messy to eat the girls won't eat.

I hope that you find some of my ideas helpful. Have fun at the party :)

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  • Invites- Printed on black paper in silver, then punch two holes in the top about an inch apart and take a white feather and feed the end of the feather through the first hole in the front and then feed it through the back of the secound hole.

    deco - White roses in tall glass vases with black beta fish in the water. White linens with black accents. Silver chargers if possiable.

    door prizes - to cheezy,

    favors - do a candy bar

    invintations printed in black and white!!

    Perhaps you can get some inspiration through Colin Cowies parties. He has put together some black and white parties.

    WOW!!! i wish we did big events like this in the UK. seems to be a very American thing but it looks like a right laugh.
    invitations: black card with silver writing,white envelope with black glitter writing.put glitter dust or sequins inside the card so as its opened, all the sparkles come tumbling out.
    food:best to ask caterers for their ideas. u don't need to hire them,just pick their brains a bit and then develop ur menu from there.
    decorations:mostly white with black accents or it could end up looking a bit too goth,unless u would prefer that?white tablecloths,serviettes with black pattern to the and white crockery,silver metal white and/or sliver balloons around doors,at entrance to party and anywhere else you deem appropriate black and white and silver sparkly bits strewn across the tables.
    center pieces:hurricane/storm lanterns with black pillar candle inside,white flowers around base with black feathers inserted artistically.little tea lights on mirrored plates placed strategically around each table to reflect light.
    door prizes:wouldn't bother
    gifts:black or white disposable cameras in each bag;black mascara for the girls,clear lip gloss maybe or a clear and black crystal bracelet???. boys bags,cameras plus ??????
    good luck with the party and happy sweet 16!! hope I've helped(with even one thing maybe?) would be good to have an idea of ur budget,u could probably squeeze a few more ideas out of people this way....xx

    Invites: You can buy black and white invites or make them on the computer. For the computer you can always put a text box of a black square box (in a typing program) and then type who, what, where, when, why. Depending on the age and number of guests buying invites may be way easier.

    Food: Catered? If not catered you can always a pasta dish in like black bowls on a white table cloth, then for drinks vs versa. (black table cloth with white accents) Of course you'll need cake! Then you can get snacks like bread bowls, veggies, fruits, etc. You can also have mini sandwiches for starters. There are great food oppertunities.

    Decorations: For a ballroom it should be pretty already if you're having mostly younger guests then you can put balloons everywhere and that's a lot of fun! Pictures of you since you were real little in black and white are also great decorations.

    Center Pieces: fake flowers are always that safe bet, you could get white ones and then like black roses. Another idea is weighed down with those cool weights (sold @ party stores) and put one white balloon and one black balloon. Depending on the number of guests, again, it'd be cool to have eight tables (so you have sixteen balloons) :]

    Door Prizes: I wouldn't, but if you wanted to, gift cards are great for door prizes.

    Gifts to give to each guest: A Thank you note for each guest, not personalized, but just generalized that says THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING TO ___'S 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! and then you could get like white and dark chocolates. You could also get something cute off they've got some great stuff!

    VIP: Very important person? Uh, like I'm not sure what you mean by that but you can walk in and have your bffs and parents throw confetti on you, making you the vip. Or you can have a vip table for your closeys.

    =) Have a great sixteenth!

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