I'm going to be having a 13th birthday party with 15 friends & I'm wondering if it might b 2 boring?!

Question: It's going to be for lunch at a buffet.

Answers: It's going to be for lunch at a buffet.

dude if you have fun then your friends will have fun too

and in my experience if they really are friends then they will have fun with you in any situation

so eat up and have a good time

ps happy 13th
welcome to the land of being a teenager(its sucks but you get used to it...eventually)

If you have good friends that you like to socialize with it shouldn't be boring.

It should not be boring at all if you have good friends and you all like to socialize with one another.

Truthfully, it might be--unless the 15 guests are all good friends. If so, they'll have fun yakking.

If not, you'll need to provide some form of fun. It's hard at a buffet restaurant. No money for music or decorations? At least bring some sort of game that can be played at one's seat and provide some inexpensive door prize gifts. It can be an simple as a quiz that is all about you, the birthday girl (your favorite band, etc.) Or some other made up quiz.

A make-it-and-take-it craft would be nice (if you're all girls). If it's a mixed boy/girl party, come up with another fun game that pits the boys against the girls (pictionary?) Be sure to give out prizes (nail polish, trading cards?)

Happy Birthday!

no it should be fun just make sure 2 invite ppl u like and can tell stuff 2 so u can keep the conversation rolling.food and good friends it can't get much better than that!

wow... ! lucky you and fifteen friends...

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