Should I buy red or black cavair for a semi formal dinner party?!

Question: Help me, I'm culturally deprived and vegan.

Answers: Help me, I'm culturally deprived and vegan.

Black is always best- serve with toast points ( tosted thin white bread cut in triangles) chopped hard boiled eggs, lemon slices, and sour cream. Yum.

I agree - black caviar is what you need to serve.

Don't forget the bubbly!

I think red caviar is mainly used to decorate sushi.

Agree with cabin girl and Becky - black is the one to serve but no reason to not, also, serve the orange ... this has more of a salty-sharp fish taste than the black (I like both). When, and where, is your dinner party (?) - am sure I can fit this on my calendar!

black would be best.

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