Who like to eat eel?!

Question: I dont know what kind of eel on japanese food. but i hate it alot

Answers: I dont know what kind of eel on japanese food. but i hate it alot

I like eel. It can be tough and rubbery sometimes. As for those who say yuk. Come on, it is just a kind of fish.
Anyway, I like most Sushi and the grilled eel is always good. There is a Japanese soup that has bite size chunks of eel and seawead that is really good. Not too fishy at all.

I hate the idea but I have tried it in sushi and in a spicy stew ( without knowing) and it was delicious. I will eat it so long as no one tells me it's eel LOL.!


The eel also known as Unagi is normally served as Japanese food. The flesh taste like catfish. It is often served in terayaki sauce. To me it taste great but expensive...


Just the thought of a "snake" like fish turns me off!

It's great as sushi

It doesn't sound that hot, but I've never tried it. so why should my opinion count?

Unagi = yummy
but sometimes pretty bony

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