Am i wierd for disliking marsh mallows?!

Question: and eating uncooked noodles?

Answers: and eating uncooked noodles?

ummm no, every one has there different taste in food, your not weird... trust me thats normal compared to some other peoples choices with food!

marshmallows are just plain icky.
uncooked noodles, eewww. crunchy.

sounds ok to me!

Well, the uncooked noodles thing--I have eaten uncooked Ramen, but regular pasta, no. But hey, if it doesn't make you feel won't hurt. Lots of carbohydrates there, tho.

Marshmallows are just gross! Gelatine is made from animal bones...with sugar, oh yum! (sarcasm. Heavy sarcasm.)


nope... if you ask me, i'm not drinking softdrinkz and i don't eat potato chips...they used to tell me i'm missing all the fun but i just don't like its taste...

No, I don't think you're weird. Your dislike for marshmallows is actually a common dislike amongst people. My dad, for instance, hates marshmallows.

As for uncooked noodles, I don't think many people eat them, except maybe when cooking they take a bite or two. I myself always chew on a piece of pasta when I'm cooking pasta. I also quite like ramen noodles uncooked (I eat them as a snack with the seasonings sprinkled on the uncooked noodles.) But I'm sure you're not the only one that doesn't like eating uncooked noodles, so I would say you're not weird for that either.

You are not weird. ill tell you whats weird, Like my gf she does not eat bread, dislikes burgers, dislikes anything green. eats barbecue almost everyday does not like food with sauce.


My house is made up of entirely marshmallows and noodles though so i'm biased.

k about the whole marshmellow thing i want to say wth is rong with u (but thats cuz i love marshmellow to death) but i mean every body has diffrent tastes and the whole uncooked noodle thing i do that to+ that isn't wierd at all like my friend likes penut butter and chesse sandwiches (and i think that that is the grosses thing ever!!!!:p)

Yuck I can't stand marshmallows unless they are toasted over the fire.

As for crunchy two minute noodles - in Australia they sell uncooked noodles as a snack. you aren't weird.

no me daughter same so when she annoyed her bruv they got a trillion flumps an putem in her bed she ate noodles dry must be agirl thing

I like looking at them but i don't like eating them.

Marshmallows give me a headache. I use to eat uncooked noodles when I was a little kid.

Hell Yeah

I don't like marshmallows either.

I bet if you melt a marshmallow over a candle till it gets crispy on the outside and melted and goey on the inside - you would change your mind. Carry on with your noodles dude!

marsh mellows are like beer, its an acquired taste.

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