Can you please tell me what is your favourite "CHEESECAKE"?!

Question: These are for a wedding reception...HELP!!!

Answers: These are for a wedding reception...HELP!!!

Honestly The first time i had cheesecake was from the cheesecake factory. I don't know if you have heard about that restaurant.. But My favorite cheesecake from them are...

oreo cheesecake
Chocolatechip cookie dough
Tiramisu Cheesecake
Vanilla beam cheesecake..

you can always look at the cheesecake they have but those four are my favorite..

no doubt , the chigago cheese cake or the very yummy strawberry cheese cake i saw it online. yum yum!

Made with mascrpone cheese, icing sugar and lime.

anything but chocolate cheesecake, im not a fussy eater but that was ewwww

Of course New York style Cheese cake.. With white chocolate on grandmothers recipe is the best..When I make it everyone begs me to make them one...

blue berry cheese cake

pineapple upside down cheesecake
pumpkin pecan cheesecake
carrotcake cheesecake
peanut butter cup fudge ripple cheesecake

order them online too!!

blueberry cheesecake....... hhhmmmm...... YUM-YUM

Oh there are so many do I have to choose?, Anything from The Cheese Cake factory.

Here is a good link but it wasn't the Cheese Cake Factory I was looking I am on a diet this is killing me looking at all these yummy cakes.

Good Luck

Mango Strawberry with blueberry and choco drippings cheesecake! The best i've ever tasted.

Jell-o No Bake!!! drizzle some chocolate over that joker and done!!


the old fashion kind that you find in betty crocker cook book

the ones they make at the cheesecake factory in NJ :D

Amaretto Cheesecake is my favorite.

my favorite cheesecake is a strawberry cheesecake!

ny junior's cheesecake. followed very, very closely by the chocolate swirl.

vanilla :D

I enjoy Banana, Strawberry. Wats Urs?

Baked New York Cheesecake.

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