Fiesta themed party?!


Fiesta themed party?

OK not really a themed party but a group of 25 adults celebrating a good month on the job. Were are planning on serving tacos, enchiladas, hot dips, etc. Anyone have any other ideas of deocrations, food, etc.... I don't want to go "total fiesta theme", with like sombraros and marachas but just some fun ideas.... A fun idea I had (just so you could get an idea of what I like) is to use a Corona bottle as a flower vase... Any ideas will be great.....

They have decorations for a southwest theme, you could get some ideas. Corona bottle is a great idea. There is a recipe for Margarita Cake at
Get a mariachi band CD
Red, White and Green balloons and a pinata. Little sombreros are cute centerpieces. The rim can be used to hold chips. Margaritas or non-alcoholic margaritas are a must. Make ***hot*** apple pie squares... and use hot sauce in them... a year later and it is the only thing anyone brings up about the party... lol... still a topic of conversations and still getting laughs.

Good Luck
HOTTT dog shrimp grillied I'm sorry, but I don't like your idea to use beer bottles for centerpieces. Do a web search for Cinco de Mayo party ideas. Pick and choose what ideas you like.

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