Does anyone have any 21st Birthday party ideas?!


Does anyone have any 21st Birthday party ideas?

I live in Dallas and my 21st birthday is approaching. Does anyone have any ideas that would be costly yet fun for a 21st birthday? PLEASE HELP! lol

Answers: Bar hopping is a ritual that everyone MUST do on their 21st birthday.

However, revise the night a little. Trust me, once you get going and you're on your 3rd or 4th bar, the whole night will start to run together and you'll end up forgetting most of the evening...

so, spend your money on a NICE dinner out with friends first. You'll be able to remember that, plus you'll then have a full stomach to absorb all the alcohol you'll be consuming that night. Most likely someone will pick up your tab anyway, and you'll will definitely get free drinks during your dinner at the very least.

PLEASE pace yourself throughout the night. Bartenders will hand you drinks for free (usually their signature drink) and they'll tend to make them extra strong. Be careful but have fun. Just expect to get a cab for the ride home. Do not depend on anyone to be the DD this night.

Have fun! You just go bar hopping... Usually they will give you specials if its your 21st..
or you could take a trip to 6th street in austin ;) YEAP, GO TO A NIGHT CLUB ON LADIES NIGHT, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PAY TO GET IN!! HAVE FUN & PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR Yea, you want to have something that is (not) costly. Have something at a nice, but not expensive club house. But most of all, party safe. Cyndia is right, you just go bar hopping or you pick one club and go there for the night. Usually you go out midnight the night before your birthday since you turn 21 at midnight. Personally I would go to a bar with a good band but that's just me. You're in Dallas there has to be a good club scene there, the city is huge. Ask around at work or school, someone local will have better knowledge. go to a bar and have fun wit ur friends Vegas Baby!!!!! GET WASTED!

Period. i went club hoppin!!!! i live in louisiana and i went to Bourbon Street!!! that was the best time of my life...

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