What's on your Fourth of July food menu?!


What's on your Fourth of July food menu?

What kind of drinks are you having?

Answers: Well we are having grilled corn, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, coleslaw, banana pudding, and cream cheese pound cake with berries and whipped cream. For drinks we are having sweet tea, lemonade, assorted colas, beer, and margaritas. Slim Fast and Diet 7Up. Pretty exciting huh? spakleing grape juice and hot dogs, chips and good chese Burgers
Hot Dogs
Macaroni Salad
Potatoe Salad
Apple Pie
Corn on The Cob Water, and Soda. I have work the next day. LOL I'm on a diet so corn tortillas toasted, topped with black beans, part skim mozerella, salsa and non fat sour cream. Oh, and water to drink. Strawberry Daquiri's. Yum! Beer and hotwings, yeahhhhh pop, water
hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, fruit, salad,chicken I plan on crashing any neigborhood party I can find. Not sure what they are having yet, but I'll find out on the 4th. Then I might go mooch off my kids a few extra burgers. Since it's just me at home now...why have a party when you can go to a party and avoid the cleanup.

I don't drink alcohol at all.... so it's root beer for me.

I chose not to drink because at my age, it takes to long to feel normal again. fried chicken potatoes salad tomatoes sandwich

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