Chocolate theme bridal shower cake?!

Question: Chocolate theme bridal shower cake?
I have been trying to find a chocolate themed bridal shower cake without any luck. The bride really likes the hershey brownie from texas steakhouse, it's a brownie with a chocolate bar melted on top. I was thinking of doing this but with a cake and using white icing to write on it. But, I will have to make the cake a couple days before the shower so how do I make sure the chocolate is melted slightly. I want to be able to still make out the candy bar so I don't want it completely melted. Texas Steakhouse probably just puts the chocolate on top while the brownie is still warm. Any suggestions would be great. I'm also open to different cake ideas. Thanks


Instead of a cake, buy a tiered cake stand and get cupcakes. Make a chocolate cupcake (you can even find brownie cupcake recipes online) and then melt some Hershey's chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water and dip each cupcake into the chocolate (just the tops, keep the papers on) so that you have cupcakes with chocolate shells. You can also make brownies, cut into squares and let guests do fondue.

have a fondue and all kind of chocolate that u can dip and fruit also to dipped

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